Your Accessible Document Solution

Talking documents will help you reach the millions of clients and consumers unable to read your printed and text-based materials!

*15.3 million Americans have manual dexterity limitations like the inability to hold a book and turn pages—U.S. Census
* 15 million people experience a brain-based reading disability—National Council on Learning Disabilities
* 21.7 million individuals have a visual impairment or blindness—National Health Interview Survey
* 32 million U.S. adults are illiterate (unable to read at the most basic level)—

AccessiDocs can turn your printed words into accessible audio files that will enable you to bridge the information gap and reach these untapped markets. Our solution helps companies meet ADA accessibility standards for clients and customers who need accommodations.

Do you have product brochures, instruction manuals, resource materials, program descriptions, or business practice/policy documents that rely on words to convey your message? Let AccessiDocs help you get that message out to the population’s you’ve been missing!

Based on your needs, AccessiDocs can provide:
• Your materials converted into audio using text-to-speech technology
• MP3 files for download from your website
• Daisy 3, fully accessible, audio documents with structured navigation
• Pre-loaded thumb drives containing your audio files

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Tony Swartz, Project Coordinator
Toll-free: 877-617-7407

AccessiDocs offers a free gift to individuals interested in learning the NVDA screen reader program.
Joseph Lee, one of the NVDA developers has created a series of tutorials which AccessiDocs has converted into a DAISY 3, fully navigable book for use on NLS machines and other digital players. Welcome to NVDA 2018 is available for free download. This is one example of how AccessiDocs creates accessibility. Please spread the word.