Report of the Central Regional

By Cathy Long

On May 7, 2016, the Cumberland County Chapter hosted the Central Regional meeting at the AmVets in Carlisle. Approximately 25 individuals were in attendance.

Various speakers were as follows:

Jackie Heckrote, a case worker from Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania described how she helps customers with grocery shopping, mail reading, transportation to the doctor, and a multitude of other tasks. Jackie is very personable and caring.

We also heard from Terry Smallwood. Some of you will remember Terry by her work. She was serving time at Cambridge Springs Penitentiary and for a few years put The PCB Advocate into Braille for us. When several readers of the publication noticed a change in the quality of the Braille they received, PCB looked into it and found that our main transcriber, Terry, was paroled. Terry is interested in teaching Braille to anyone living in the Carlisle area. She described in words and pictures the Braille cell and dot configuration. It was evident that Terry loves providing this service.

Sue Lichtenfels, President of PCB, addressed us remotely. We used FaceTime audio and a speaker and held the microphone close to the speaker so that everyone could hear her. It was a very motivational speech to get us enthused about reaching out to the world as the advocates we are or should be.

John Horst, Director of Community Affairs, discussed the work he is involved in.

Chapter reports were given. Chapters present were Capital City, Cumberland County, Red Rose, and York.

A catered meal was provided. We had a choice of either ham and sweet potatoes or chicken breast and mashed potatoes. There were two dessert choices as well. Everyone left with a little more knowledge than when we arrived.

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