Report from the PCB Education & Employment Committee

By Al Pietrolungo, Chair

At the 2014 PCB Conference and Convention held in Johnstown, PCB adopted a resolution designed to address concerns raised by the conduct of the PA Civil Service Commission, (the Commission.) In the spring 2015 issue of The PCB Advocate, the Education and Employment Committee reported on efforts to convince the Commission to change these troubling policies. We offer this report as an update on our work with the Commission.

After exchanging several letters with the Commission, we were able to make progress on a couple of matters, but we have been unable to resolve a major issue. Our committee reached a consensus that sending additional letters to the Commission would not convince the agency to stop requiring disabled test takers to submit to a pretest determination of their qualifications for the job. Other test takers are not required to submit to this pretest eligibility determination, so the efforts of disabled job seekers to find work are delayed by this added requirement.

We are in the process of exploring other options as we try to change the Commission’s policy in this area. We hope these additional efforts produce tangible results.

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