by Carla Hayes


Time is really “Marching” on! It’s hard to believe that it’s March and two months of 2022 are history! Plans are being made for the PCB Annual Convention. If you have any proposed amendments to the PCB Bylaws or resolutions that you would like to be considered at the PCB convention, or if your chapter or special interest affiliate plans to vote at the convention, here are three important deadlines that you will need to know.


First, the deadline for submitting proposed bylaw changes is July 27, 2022. THIS IS A FINAL DEADLINE AND IT CANNOT BE EXTENDED! Remember that any individual PCB member, committee, chapter or group within PCB can propose changes to the PCB Bylaws. An organization’s bylaws should be a living document which can be changed when circumstances make it necessary. As a member of PCB, it is a good idea to read over the PCB bylaws periodically so that you will be familiar with the structure of PCB and the procedures that we follow. The PCB Bylaws can also serve as a guide to local chapters as they write or revise their own bylaws.


Second, September 27 is the deadline for submitting resolutions if you want them to be presented at the PCB Convention. THIS DEADLINE WILL BE ENFORCED! Only emergency resolutions of an extremely time-sensitive nature will be considered after this date and very few resolutions would fall into this category! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SUBMIT YOUR RESOLUTIONS! As with bylaws, resolutions can be written and submitted by any individual member of PCB, or any committee, chapter or group within PCB. Allow time during chapter and committee meetings to discuss and work on resolutions. In past columns, I have discussed “WHEREAS” and “RESOLVE” clauses and guidelines for crafting an effective resolution. This information will be reviewed in future columns. For now, use PCB and ACB resolutions as models when writing your resolutions and feel free to call on the Parliamentary Team for help.


Finally, chapters and special interest affiliates who plan to have delegates present at the convention should submit the names of their delegates to the PCB Office by October 22nd. Delegates will be authorized by the Parliamentary Team during the convention.


All proposed bylaw changes and resolutions can be submitted by email to me at Alternatively, they can be mailed to me in any format (braille preferred) at:


Carla Hayes

230 Robinhood Lane

McMurray, PA 15317.


If you have any questions or if you need help writing your bylaws amendments or resolutions, please feel free to call me at (724) 941-8184.

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