Public Speaking: Be a Better You for a Better World

From the Peer Engagement Team

At this year’s virtual PCB convention, your Peer Engagement Team will offer a two-part workshop on public speaking. Many times, advocacy requires us to speak before a gathering, be it a public hearing, an academic symposium, a fundraising event, or the local Lions Club. In all these situations, you want to be you, only a better you, the best you that you can be. Your Peer Engagement Team can’t write your story, impersonate your passion, or replicate the unique force for change that you are, but we can provide you with some tools, some tips and tricks if you will, that will help you minimize your fears and the distractions, maximize your effectiveness, and make you the best advocate you can be.

Join us at the Convention, on Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon, for a fast-paced, hands-on, and information-packed two-part workshop. Part one will be a tutorial that addresses the most common elements of public speaking – the good, the bad, and the best. Part two will allow participants to put what they learned in part one into practice. This will be a safe and encouraging space to try out new skills and blossom into the unique voice for change that only you can provide.

You can participate as a speaker if you register for the 2020 convention and indicate that you wish to be a part of this dynamic workshop. Space is limited to twelve speakers, so register as soon as you can. Whether you are registering as a speaker or an observer, we look forward to your involvement. So, register, participate, and learn new tools to help make you the best advocate you can be!

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