Public Awareness & Relations Committee

By Stephanae McCoy, Chair


“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” ~Arnold Glasow


The Public Awareness and Relations Committee (PARC) is currently working on two major projects:

  1. Marketing the upcoming 2014 PCB convention
  2. Developing and distributing a checklist of the repository of marketing materials for chapters


PARC is once again working closely with the Convention Program and Planning Committee (CPPC) to market the 2014 PCB convention which will be held at the downtown Holiday Inn in Johnstown, PA, October 16 – October 19. Following are three bullet points on the specifics:

  • Updating last year’s convention press release with 2014 information
  • Reviewing/updating the Johnstown media list submitted by Dick Schmoyer to which the press releases will be sent
  • Producing and distributing a flyer once the program is solidified. The flyer will then be sent to the Intermediate Units (IU’s) and the Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER). John Horst has been in contact with AER and has learned that while they do not have a monthly newsletter, they invite PCB to publicize the convention on their website.


Regarding the checklist of marketing materials, once PARC has compiled all the files we have in our possession, we will be sending out CD’s to each of the chapters. The CD’s will contain the checklist along with the electronic files we currently possess. Please keep in mind there are some files that are still in the process of being developed or will be produced at each chapter’s discretion. Therefore, the CD’s will not include every item on the checklist. We will work to get the CD’s distributed to the chapters in June.


We want to hear from you…if your committee or chapter would like PARC’s promotional assistance. You can reach me directly at 412-736-7525 or at

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