Planting the Nomination Seed

By Sue Lichtenfels, PCB Past President


Do your PCB and ACB roots run deep? Have you been growing your leadership skills on a PCB team or in a local chapter? Are you blooming with imagination, creativity, and ideas? Do you have an abundance of commitment and passion for serving others with vision loss? Are you fertile of time and hardy with work ethic? Are you ripe with knowledge and ready to provide nutrients to the lifeblood of PCB? If so, congratulations! You are the cream of the crop, and we welcome your rise to the top!


PCB seeks your nomination as a candidate for the PCB Board of Directors. This year we will be electing peers to fill four Board of Director positions during this year’s annual conference scheduled for October 27-30, 2022. Each of the four positions is a two-year term. The individuals elected this year will serve alongside four additional Directors and six Officers to comprise the 14-person Board of Directors. Together, members of the board lead PCB’s team and project work, explore new organizational opportunities, determine future initiatives, and establish PCB policies.


To be a nominee for board candidacy, you need to be a paid member of PCB and ACB with a record of active engagement and an understanding of Council values. Candidates for the board can nominate themselves or be nominated by another peer.


As a Director of PCB, it is expected that you would make a two-year commitment to be a role model among peers and an ambassador in the community. Attendance at quarterly and ad hoc meetings via Zoom is required. In advance of meetings, you would receive team reports and the organization’s financial summary in expectation that they will be reviewed. You would work voluntarily on two to three leadership teams and might be asked to lead one. Attendance at monthly team meetings would also be required. Since all work at the state level would be done virtually, it is imperative that you have access to email.


Ideally, as a leader, you would participate actively in all aspects of the organization including visiting with changemakers, educating the public, offering a hand to those new to vision loss, promoting PCB events, and supporting fundraising efforts. You would be eligible to request reimbursement for board-related travel and approved project expenses.


So, if you are ready to rise to the top, please don’t stop. Become a part of the 2022 leadership crop.


In a beautiful email bouquet, arrange your brief biographic statement (less than 250 words) which shares your interests, skills, experiences, and goals. Be sure to add a virtual card, where you express in a ribbon of 2 to 3 extra sentences, your sentiments for how you intend to flourish on the PCB Board of Directors. Send the email bouquet to, making sure it is delivered by Sunday, July 31, 2022. Upon receipt of your bouquet, the Nominating Team will send a thank you note, and the harvesting process will commence. Should you have questions, reach out to PCB Gardener of Nominations, Sue Lichtenfels at 412-480-9696 or


Let this seed of board leadership germinate in your mind’s soil for a few days. Reflect on the life storms you’ve weathered and how they have strengthened your ability to thrive. Consider the many sprouts of potential you possess and how they could blossom for you and others if you were to serve in PCB leadership. Now, reach for the sun!

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