Pizza and PCB Membership

By Jule Ann Lieberman, Chair


Did you know that the average cost of a pizza in Pennsylvania according to the National Pizza Index is $16? Did you know that according to, the average number of slices of pizza eaten by a person every year is 46? And according to that same site, the percentage of Americans who eat at least one piece of pizza per month is 93? That is almost everyone reading this message. So you are saying to yourself, “Nice information, but what does this have to do with my membership in PCB?”


Each year there is a decision to make about investing in a membership with PCB. One of the frequent concerns raised is the cost of membership. Whether you elect to become a chapter member or a member at-large, you are investing in your future by supporting advocacy efforts and enjoying the benefits of shared experiences locally and statewide.

Now take a look at the statistics listed above. If you eat one slice of pizza at a cost of $16 per pie, that slice costs $2; and if you eat, as the average indicates, 46 slices per year, you have spent $92 per year on pizza. A membership at-large option costs $10 per year, and chapter membership varies across the state, but is far less than that $96 you will spend on eating pizza.


No, I am not a pizza hater. I eat probably close to that average myself, enjoying each slice. However, if I had to choose which is healthier for me, $96 per year on pizza or the cost of membership with PCB, I think you know the answer. If you are reading this article you are likely a member reading The PCB Advocate as part of your membership benefits. You chose to invest wisely last year. It is never too late to begin saving funds in your sock drawer, cookie jar, or even that empty pizza box. That way you will have enough for membership renewal this fall so you can access another great year of PCB benefits. Tell your chapter members, your fellow members at-large, and any interested friends to join you. Skip five or more slices each year and you will have your membership dues ready for the renewal and recruitment drives.


I close by thanking you for indulging me with my pizza and budget message. Now, what was that number for the pizzeria that delivers to my home? Have a great summer and start saving up for your PCB future today!

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