PCB, Live Healthy, Be Happy!

By Melissa Carney


Temperatures are dropping, seasons are changing, and holidays are just around the corner! Are you busy planning the big family dinner at the end of the year? Have you bookmarked more gift ideas than you can count? Are you stuck on organizing your schedules and priorities for the coming months? At this point in the year, most of us will have answered “yes” to at least one of these questions. We are thoroughly engrossed in personal daily routines and the happenings of loved ones, while discovering just how many activities we can cram onto a calendar.


However, there is one thing that does not always make it onto our agenda: health. Health is one of the easiest and most common day-to-day aspects to neglect. If we lose track of time on a phone call, our sleep schedules suffer. If we then wake up late and forget to eat breakfast or pack a lunch for work in the scramble, we find ourselves particularly hungry and irritable. If we do not acknowledge stress, we inadvertently put strain on our social relationships and engagements. If we do not move around enough, our energy level plummets and results in excessive consumption of caffeine and sugar. Ignoring the multiple factors that contribute to our health can have disastrous consequences which only compound overtime.


To preserve or improve the welfare of our peers, PCB is launching the “Live Healthy, Be Happy” initiative. We will focus on promoting healthy living, providing accessible information on various health-related topics, forming partnerships with likeminded organizations, and having fun!


To structure this initiative, we will dive deep into six main categories through discussion calls and other community platforms: activity, nutrition, sleep, social relationships, stress, and avoidance of risky substances. We will branch out from traditional definitions of these topics and work together to think outside the box. For example, increasing activity does not always mean exercise, and even incorporating a few simple stretches into your daily routine can boost your physical well-being. Nutrition is just as rooted in food as it is in proper hydration. A restful night’s sleep starts with a well-rounded bedtime routine. How can you identify a truly meaningful social connection? What are telltale signs of unconscious stress? What are common substances that we ingest on a consistent basis that are not strictly viewed as risky, but could cause major health concerns if misused or abused?


PCB will organize various challenges around the six themes to hold ourselves accountable as a team, but also as individuals. In addition to these themes, we will raise awareness of critical monthly health observances, such as American Heart Month in February, National Minority Health Month in April, Mental Health Awareness Month in May, and so many more.


Those of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate. Wherever you are on your health journey, PCB and your fellow peers want to support you. The first step in any aspiration is a positive attitude and willingness to explore new possibilities. If you would like to get involved or learn more, please stay tuned to the PCB-l list serve or contact Pam Shaw or Melissa Carney by phone or email.

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