PCB Goes to Capitol Hill in 2022

By Chris Hunsinger, Advocacy Team Leader


The activities of the ACB Midyear are a little later in 2022, but the ACB Midyear Meetings will be both virtual and in-person between March 11 and March 15 in Alexandria, VA, and Washington, DC.


There will be a Board Meeting on Friday (March 11), an affiliate presidents’ meeting on Saturday and on part of Sunday (March 12-13), and the Midyear legislative seminar on Sunday and Monday morning (March 13-14), before we do the in-person trips to the Hill on Tuesday (March 15).


Affiliates will be able to schedule both in-person and virtual meetings for the Congressional meetings, and the virtual meetings can be scheduled over several days so that some of them can be done from home.


ACB also expects to have a rally at the Department of the Treasury to support Accessible currency on Monday afternoon, March 14, in conjunction with other organizations which want changes in currency.

Remember, if they get their changes, the courts say that we get our accessible currency. We might get five minutes of fame or be on the evening news.


The details related to costs and logistics for the Midyear Meetings have not been added to the ACB website yet, and we have not yet been informed of the legislative imperatives for the meetings.


I am asking you to be a part of the PCB Team either in person or virtually. We won’t expect you first-time seminar attendees to do any of this on your own. An experienced Capitol Hill veteran will help schedule appointments and go to each meeting with you, but we’d like to have additional peers to attend the seminar and each virtual or in-person meeting with us.


It would be great if we knew that we had someone from each congressional district as part of this team. Some members of Congress won’t schedule meetings with people outside of their district. We would like to have a mix of peers who will talk about policy as well as peers with meaningful personal stories that highlight our special blindness concerns.


Any PCB peer wishing to represent the organization at this upcoming event should submit a brief resume and/or bio to the Legislative Seminar Selection Committee (LSSC) outlining their qualifications as a representative and describing why they want to attend. These documents should demonstrate both commitment to and excitement about this endeavor.

The resume may be submitted in any accessible format, including, but not limited to, email, braille, large print, or audio.


Email applications should be sent to advocacy@pcb1.org with all other formats mailed to the PCB office at

PA Council of the Blind

Attn: LSSC

PO Box 68

Volant, PA 16156-0068.


The final selections will be made before January 31, 2022. We will try to accommodate all who want to participate, but we are not yet certain about what part of the costs involved PCB will be able to pay. For more information about this opportunity, contact Chris Hunsinger at 412-881-9328.

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