PCB Board Candidates Declared

By Tony Swartz, Immediate Past President

In the summer edition of The PCB Advocate, the Nominating Team requested members interested in declaring themselves as candidates for the four open seats for PCB’s board of directors to submit a statement of intent and a biographical note. By the deadline of August 1st, the Team received five statements of declaration. Announcing their candidacy in alphabetical order by last name, the candidates are: Thomas Burgunder (incumbent), Mary Ann Grignon, George Holliday, Christine Hunsinger, and Patricia Russell. The Nominating Team will announce a slate at the 2016 conference, selecting four from the five declared candidates. Of course, candidates may be nominated from the floor during elections.

Rather than holding a candidates’ forum at this year’s conference, it was decided by the leadership to have each candidate prepare and record a statement based on questions submitted by the Nominating Team. The questions prepared by the Nominating Team included one mandatory question and two additional questions from which candidates were to select one to respond to. The questions are:

Mandatory Question:
What do you see as your role and your greatest responsibility as a member of the board of directors of PCB?
Select one of the two following questions:

1. What do you believe is your most important attribute which will assist you as a member of the Board of Directors of PCB and why?

2. As a member of the Board of Directors of PCB, is there a particular initiative of our organization’s mission or administration to which you will dedicate your efforts or expertise?

The recorded statements are available on the PCB website at:

Candidate Statements

The candidate statements may also be accessed from the PCB Announce Line number at: 773-572-6314, select option 6

For those receiving The PCB Advocate on cartridge, candidate statements will be included as content after the conclusion of this issue.

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