PCB Award Nominations Open

Dedicated, selfless, committed; these are adjectives that may describe someone who has made a major impact in your life or the lives of others who are blind or who experience vision loss. Maybe he’s a professional who has worked for years as a vision teacher, rehabilitation therapist, or counselor. Perhaps she’s a long-time volunteer who has provided transportation, advocated alongside you, or assisted with special projects. Possibly, the organization has developed a new product, provided financial sponsorship, or hired workers who are blind. He or she could be someone within the blind community who has worked to change policy, get new services started, or bring about awareness. Every day we meet impactful people whose efforts deserve recognition. Here is your opportunity to acknowledge that impact.

Each year at the PCB Conference, we celebrate the work of these advocates by bestowing the Distinguished Service Award(s), Honorary Service Award(s), the Corporate Service Award(s), and the Lifetime of Distinguished Service Award(s). Nominations for any of these awards can be made by any individual or organization that supports the work of PCB and nominees need not be members of PCB. Nominations can be made by email to awards@pcb1.org or by calling the PCB office at 877-617-7407. Please include the following information about you and your nominee: name, mailing address, phone, and email address. Please indicate which award the nomination is for and share a justification for the award in 100 words or less. All nominations are due by Friday, September 1, 2017. The criteria for the awards follow:

PCB Distinguished Service Award
* The recipient must be blind or vision impaired.
* The recipient must be a resident of Pennsylvania.
* The recipient must have demonstrated a satisfactory adjustment to his/her disability.
* The recipient must be acknowledged by the “blind community” for having performed outstanding service(s) for the blind.
* The recipient, through example and effort, must have represented to the community at large the capabilities and respectability of blind and vision impaired persons.

PCB Honorary Service Award
* These award(s) may be given to an individual, with or without sight, who has performed meritorious service to the blind or for the blind community.
* These award(s) may be made either in memory of a person, or to a person now living.

PCB Corporate Service Award
* The recipient of this award shall have made a significant difference in the life of blind or vision impaired persons through a product, a service, or its employment practices; or
* This award may be presented to a corporation/agency/foundation that has provided significant support to the mission or projects of PCB.

PCB Lifetime of Distinguished Service Award
* The award(s) may be given to an individual, with or without sight, who has performed at least 20 years of meritorious service to the blind or for the blind community.
* The recipient(s) must be 60 years of age or older.
* The recipient’s service contributions must be well recognized in the community in which they live or throughout the state or nation as significant to the betterment of the lives of those with vision loss.

Note: The Awards Selection Team may not make prejudicial selections of award recipients based on age, nationality, race, religion, creed, or gender of an individual. Current members of the PCB Board of Directors are not eligible.

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