PCB Announce Line Launched

By Sue Lichtenfels, Team Leader

On July 1, 2016, PCB began offering an alternate communication method for members who do not have access to email and the internet. The PCB Announce Line offers a menu of nine information options that can be accessed by phone. The options include:

1. About PCB- This includes contact information and how you can get involved.

2. General PCB announcements- These include current calls for advocacy, information about upcoming events and activities within PCB, and reminders of projects and deadlines.

3. PCB Calendar- This is the monthly listing of the date and time of leadership meetings and PCB-relevant activities.

4. Conference Blasts- Here you can hear audio clips about the upcoming conference and archives of the most recent conference.

5. Talking Advocacy Podcasts- These are PCB-produced recordings about advocacy issues.

6. Leadership Message- These are communications from and about PCB’s leadership and governance.

7. Inside The PCB Advocate- Here are selected articles taken from our quarterly magazine.

8. Featured Audio- This will include external podcasts, some conference archives, and other audio of interest.

9. Vision Loss News and Nuggets- This includes a wide variety of articles and announcements that have been posted to the PCB email list in the previous month.

Once the caller has selected one of the nine options, pressing the zero key will offer a menu to change the rate of speech, fast forward, rewind, and more.

Two other controls to know are the * key to return to the main menu and the # key to skip to older entries in the category.

Presently, the announce line is being updated once each month. Although the announce line is a long distance call, several members have already found it to be worthwhile. Check it out for yourself by calling 773-572-6314.

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