Parliamentary Team Conference Deadlines

by Carla Hayes


Before you know it, the PCB Conference will be here! It will take place from September 16 to 19, 2021. Since our conference will take place earlier than it usually does, our deadlines for proposed amendments to the Bylaws and resolutions must also be earlier. They are as follows:


Proposed amendments of the Bylaws must be received by the Parliamentary Team no later than June 19, 2021.


Proposed resolutions must be received by the Parliamentary Team no later than July 31, 2021.


Proposed amendments that are approved by the Parliamentary Team will be publish no later than August 15, 2021.


The parliamentary Team will advertise to chapters and special interest affiliates for the names of their convention delegates no later than August 17, 2021.


No later than September 9, 2021, chapters and special interest affiliates who plan to have delegates present at the convention, must submit the names of their delegates to the Parliamentary Team. Delegates will be authorized by the Parliamentary Team during the convention.


Please make note of these important deadlines and plan accordingly. Proposed Bylaws amendments, resolutions and names of chapter and special interest affiliate delegates should be sent to Team Leader Carla Hayes at If you have any questions, please call Carla Hayes at 724-941-8184.

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