Overcoming Life Challenges Peer Discussion Call

January 30 at 8 p.m.
Call 605-475-4715 or
Toll-free 844-844-0414
Enter Passcode 815419#

Change can challenge anyone of us from time to time. Whether you are dealing with decreasing vision, losing some hearing, or finding getting around more difficult, these life changes can cause stress emotionally while you seek a new way to cope with this new reality. The Vision Loss Resource Team invites you to join in a discussion call on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 8 PM for a frank and open discussion on how life changes have affected you. Are you frustrated or depressed because you were able to use large print or bold pens and now your vision has decreased to a level where you just cannot see the words anymore? Have you noticed that sounds that were important to you such as the Sunday sermon or dinner conversation in a crowded restaurant are not clear anymore? If just thinking about that long walk around the shopping center makes your joints hurt, then share your thoughts with your PCB peers. We likely have faced similar new challenges and together perhaps we can provide help to find solutions that work for you. As always, these calls are no judgment zones, your feelings are valid and respected. Don’t let changes you are experiencing set you back, your PCB friends can lend support. Let’s brainstorm ideas together.

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