Organizational Team Update

By Sherri Crum, Team Leader

You may remember that in the winter edition of The PCB Advocate information was provided about the 2016-17 leadership teams. One of the bullet points for the Organizational Development Team was to:
“Work toward the written documentation of all procedures, policies, committee functions, job responsibilities etc.”
What does that really mean? Some of it is fairly straightforward like the steps the Conference Program and Planning Team take to seek hotel bids, plan the conference, and ask for feedback when the conference is finished. They have a timeline to follow, and examples of key documents. This ensures that nothing is overlooked, and you can count on a great conference.

Some other things are not quite so clearly defined. Our team has spent our first two meetings brainstorming about what types of materials we will be pulling together. From the Inclement Weather Policy to the resolutions process, from the Advocacy and Governmental Affairs Team through the Technology Access Team, and beyond, we are looking to accumulate these various documents.
What happens then? After we collect the documents, they will be organized into logical areas and then stored in something like relevant file folders online where key people may have access to them. Please be aware, it is not our purpose to change your documents. We are working toward the goal of getting things written down.

So I hope that when someone from the Organizational Development Team contacts you for information, policies and procedures or other assorted files etc. you will gladly share it with them. Thanks!

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