Organizational Development Team Still Hard at Work

By Sherri Crum, Team Leader

Though what the Organizational Development Team is doing may be somewhat vague, I assure you, we are continuing to gather documents which will ultimately benefit others in the future.

Some work teams, such as Affiliate and Member Relations have been creating documents which have been sent along to me. Other teams have been asked to create and/or provide documents.

Though there are still some gaps, we are accumulating a lot of material.

As part of the chapter leaders conference call I’d like to share with you some of what your fellow PCB members asked to learn more about:

• Fund raising projects: what you did, how it worked out
• How to bridge the gap between aging members and younger members who are just out of high school
• What types of speakers have you had at chapter meetings

All this, and more, will ultimately be part of the leadership section on the web site.

We’re still requesting leadership documents and resource information. Do any of you have any of these types of things?

Please consider sharing. I’m happy to take them via email: Or, if you have questions, please feel free to phone me at: 412-732-2769.

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