On the Education and Employment Front

By Christine Hunsinger, Team Leader

The Education and Employment Team has a lot going on this year. We are continually learning and evaluating how the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) regulations will be impacting the vocational rehabilitation landscape. What with pre-employment transition services, competitive integrated employment, Section 511 rules, integration and alignment, along with understanding something about the way statistics will be gathered; there is a lot new to comprehend about vocational rehabilitation. We are monitoring distribution lists that San Diego State University has set up about these topics. We are also staying in touch with the PA Rehabilitation Council to keep informed of state-specific issues.

Once again, we will work with the PCB AGA Team to pressure Congress about passage of the Cogswell-Macy Act. The bill has been introduced to this session of Congress as HR 1120. Currently, fifteen co-sponsors have signed on to the bill including three from Pennsylvania: Matt Cartwright D, Mike Doyle D, and Glen Thompson R. We are seeking PCB member support to assist in advocating for this legislation.

We continue our efforts for increased accessibility with the PA Civil Service Commission. We are trying a new tactic in this battle; taking our concerns to our state legislators who may bear more leverage in this situation.

We are also partnering with the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services Pittsburgh office to hold an employment seminar at this year’s PCB Conference. Keep alert for more details.

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