Oil Valley Plans

By Scott Roberts, President

The Oil Valley Chapter located in Mid Northwestern Pa. is backing off a bit from fundraising to concentrate on using the money we have previously raised. We are waiting on approval from the Oil City Area School Board to purchase several books that will be placed in grade school libraries throughout Venango County. The book we are buying is called “Your Treasure Hunt – Disabilities and Finding Your Gold” by Catherine Schneider, PhD. It deals with how children can address disabilities with other kids. We hope that teachers in the grade schools will use this in their curriculum as a teaching tool, especially if there is a child with a disability in their classroom or school. The books cost about $25 each. Our chapter hopes to buy several to cover the county’s grade school libraries.

Due to the severe weather, our chapter had to cancel several meetings this past winter and due to health and some members working, we have honestly not got much done. We hope to rectify that now that the weather is more reasonable.

Like most chapters, we are struggling with getting new members and are exploring different avenues to do so. Hopefully, some of the new members will eventually step into leadership roles, once they see how the chapter runs. Our chapter wants to take this opportunity to wish all its fellow chapters a safe and healthy summer!

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