Oil Valley Chapter

By Scott Roberts, Chapter President


We’re shaking things up at the Oil Valley Chapter by adding members and doing different things in 2014. After a 2013 that saw us team up with the Venango County Blind Association for a successful White Cane Walk last October, our annual Basket Auction at Applefest, our annual pepperoni sale last November, and various events during the year, this year will find us with three new faces in our group and new ideas.


While we will not be at Applefest for the first time in 10 years, we are avidly looking for a replacement event. We may have found it in what we’re calling “Blind Rodeo.” We’re still hoping to get into our county’s 4-H Fair lineup and do this event. We would “blind” a local well-known person, give him a sighted guide, then put the “blind” person as the driver of a tractor. On cues from the sighted guide, the driver would have to maneuver through an obstacle course lined with balloons. For every one he hits and breaks, they get points, and the time it takes to run the course also counts. We’re hoping to get the 4-H arena venue and charge admission.


We will still sell our almost three-pound, three-foot-long pepperoni sticks around Thanksgiving time. We are also planning on doing some fun things this summer including a few outings to area events. As we have always stated; we are small in numbers, but big in how we think! We wish all of our fellow chapters a safe and happy summer!

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