News from the Fund Development Team

By Tony Swartz, Team Leader

The 2016 PCB Calendar Raffle yielded substantial funds for both PCB and just as importantly, for PCB member chapters. The profit raised by sales of tickets by member chapters are equally shared between PCB and proportionately by chapters, meaning that for 2016, chapters received a share of $4,996.89. Of course, some chapters benefited more than others according to the effort expended by their members in the sale of tickets. The Fund Development Team would like to extend particular congratulations to the Washington County chapter which sold 73 tickets and yielded a share of $483.26, and to the Cumberland County Care and Share chapter which sold 65 tickets yielding a share of $430.30. These smaller chapters have taken advantage of the original intent of the PCB Calendar Raffle — to assist in funding PCB and their own chapter by participating in a fundraising project requiring little in the way of organization or risk.
The PCB 2017 Calendar Raffle is already underway. Can your chapter benefit with little planning and just a bit of salesmanship? The Fund Development Team urges the leadership of all PCB chapters to get involved and to order tickets from the PCB office as soon as possible.

The Live Auction held at the PCB 2016 conference proved quite successful. While the Fund Development Team contributed much effort in its organization and orchestration, the auction’s ultimate success was a result of the generous contribution of seventy-four items from individual members, chapters, and those businesses solicited by our membership. Our guests from the Maryland affiliate of ACB contributed items as well and their lively participation was most welcomed. The total profit realized by the auction was $3,870, with $300 returned to the Maryland affiliate based on their contributions to the auction.

The Fund Development Team offers our deepest thanks to every member who contributed, solicited, or bid on an item. With each passing year, the PCB Live Auction becomes a greater source of interest and enjoyment for conference participants. With our memberships assistance can we in 2017 crack the four thousand dollar barrier?

At this year’s conference, members had their first opportunity to examine and play the prototype of Cross4, a board game under development by the Fund Development Team. Blair Wissinger, a Fund Development team member collected many positive comments and suggestions from our membership, and as a result, a new prototype is being developed and new rules will be incorporated in the game’s next generation of development. Stay tuned for further news about this exciting venture.

Lastly, with the new year upon us, I’m requesting that a few good members seriously consider joining the Fund Development Team. If you are under the impression that it’s all about asking for money, then you are mistaken. Rather it’s an opportunity to lead or be a participant in a number of exciting and challenging projects to fund the work of PCB. Are you creative? Do you have an imagination? The team is looking for you. If you are interested, please contact Tony Swartz at, or call 610-799-4565, or send a message to We need you!

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