New Website Launched

By Bob Lichtenfels, Chair


On June 2, the new website was launched, marking PCB’s entrance into the 21st century and beyond. The project took nearly a year and a half, and it had many twists and turns, but the Website Committee feels it has accomplished its goal of providing PCB with the potential for a robust web presence for years to come. It is a living and breathing organism with a new look and format. Now you may be thinking, “Hmm, that sounds a bit weird.” Please bear with me as I explain.


PCB’s original website was essentially a location with static content meant to provide information. While our new site will continue to be a resource, we expect it will become more vast and multifaceted. It will allow for content to be updated at a moment’s notice, and folks will be able to provide continuous feedback in the form of comments on each post. We intend for the site never to be a finished product. Our new format has the potential to be PCB’s most valuable marketing tool, and we hope it will increase the sense of community among our members. More specific information will be disseminated via PCB’s various forums over the next several months.


Of course, this type of project does not happen without the significant efforts of a number of people. Thomas Reid was the main man behind conceptualizing the site. He was its visionary, so to speak, and he was the driving force behind most of what you will see. Mike Zaken has been diligently familiarizing himself with our new management interface, and he will be responsible for maintaining a lot of the content. President Tony Swartz’s patient oversight has been beyond measure and will always be appreciated by this committee chair. Our deepest appreciation goes to the two students who did a lot of the heavy lifting. Were it not for them, none of this would be possible.


Belinda Eigen and Danielle Borisovsky just graduated from Shippensburg University this past May. Instead of developing senioritis like most of us may have, they spent significant portions of their time attending our monthly meetings and doing the hard work required in order to get our website up and running. Belinda has even agreed to work with us through the summer as we continue to add functionality. Special thanks also go to Dr. Brian Wentz, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at Shippensburg University. He provided us with the students for this project and continues to be a great friend of PCB.


Now, head on over to and check out the new site. Please feel free to contact me with feedback. I can be reached using or 412-429-1727.

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