New Site Development

By Sue Lichtenfels, Chair

The Content Committee is proud to announce PCB’s new online campaign: TheReImage!

TheReImage’s mission is to re-create the images of people with vision loss while establishing new possibilities. While website will be the foundation for this outreach campaign, we eventually hope to use other digital media channels to share our message and spark interest in the site. In an article earlier in this publication, I explain the need for TheReImage and describe how we hope to achieve the mission. Please read, “People with Vision Loss Need TheReImage” if you have not yet done so.

Over the past few months our committee has focused on conceptualizing what type of content and functionality we want for the site. When we contacted a web developer specializing in accessibility, he quoted us a cost of $3,000 to $5,000 for the site we want. So, we have developed a case statement to submit to potential funders of the project. We have also consulted with the ACB’s grant person to identify some foundations and corporations that have previously shown an interest in funding blindness related causes. The next step is for us to select the right funder and submit the grant application.

In the meantime, while we seek funding and work on developing the site, we need to begin gathering the content. After all, what is the sense in launching a site if there is no content? Now is the time when we need your assistance. How can you get involved?

• Write your stories or the stories of other people with vision loss
• Share story ideas for other writers
• Join TheReImage audio team to record stories and interviews
• Become an editor to assure top-notch written and audio content
• Tell your friends with vision loss about this important project
• Help us create our logo and develop TheReImage brand
• Assist us in fundraising or identifying financial sponsors for the project
• Use your web design skills on

If you are able to join TheReImage team in any capacity, please call me at 412-429-1727 or email Remember, the bigger our team is, the more impact we can have.

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