My First PCB Conference

By Tammie Snyder

I was a lucky recipient of a first-time scholarship to the 2017 PCB Conference and Convention. I asked my sister-in-law to drive and attend with me. I also was given a mentor from PCB in case I had questions.

Since I’m a telephone chapter member, I met people in person with whom I’d only spoken by phone. It’s interesting to have real people to put with voices. I also met other first-timers at the luncheon held for us.

Of course, you hear a lot of information at a convention. Even though I’ve dealt with vision loss all my life, I was fascinated by the Friday morning conference about the intricacies of eyes. It isn’t something I think about as much as I should.

There was a speaker from Pittsburgh’s NLS library. He was also available on Friday in the exhibit area and I got to tell him how much I appreciate Pittsburgh’s excellent service.

I heard more about Non-24. This is another area I didn’t know enough about. Maybe that means I don’t have it?

I was brave enough to bid on auction items and be a contestant on “Family Feud.” At the auction, I won the “Bold, Blind and Beautiful” basket and a Wal-Mart gift card. I’m glad I could be part of the fundraiser and I like supporting “Bold, Blind and Beautiful.”

I learned a lot about how PCB decides important issues. There’s nothing like seeing debate and policy discussion and voting in action. Hearing about it later just isn’t the same.

It’s good to experience new things. It’s good to step out of my comfort zone and do something just a little scary. The conference was fun and informative. “Thank you” PCB for the chance to learn so much.

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