MMS: Giving and Winning Made Easy

By PCB Fund Development Team


Once again, the PCB Fund Development Team is hosting a Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) contest. The contest runs from February 20, 2021, through January 14, 2022. The MMS 50/50 option is quick, easy, and provides a steady source of funds for the American Council of the Blind (ACB) and the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind (PCB). When you sign up or increase your existing monthly donation, your monthly donations are automatically withdrawn from the account you designate.


If you signed up for the MMS program or increased your monthly donation during the 2021 ACB Leadership Conference (Feb 21-23, 2021), you will also be eligible to win the prizes described later in this article.


Your next chance to win is by entering or increasing your monthly donation by the end of the 2021 ACB National Conference (July 16-23, 2021). You will be eligible to win one of two grand prizes that are drawn at the end of conference. The first is a $500 dollar gift card. The second is a Sonos One (2nd generation) Smart Speaker. This drawing will take place on or around September 1. If you are a PCB peer, you will also be eligible to win prizes described below.


Your last chance to win is by entering the contest or increasing your monthly donation after the ACB Conference. You will be eligible to win a prize specific to PCB peers. The first prize is $100.00 and the second prize is $50.


To enter the contest, you need only contribute a minimum of $10 per month, or if you are already a contributor, you need only increase your donation by $5. Your initial entry of $10 will place your name in the hat one time, but your name will be entered once for every additional $5 that you contribute. Whatever you give will be split 50/50 between ACB and PCB.


If you wish to enter the contest, increase your monthly donation, or have questions, contact George Holliday:


Home: 215-796-9813

Cell: 484-343-2722

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