Membership Committee News

By Jule Ann Lieberman, Chair

The Membership Committee is pleased to remind you of the scholarship opportunities available to attend this year’s PCB Conference and Convention from October 15-18, 2015 in Harrisburg. We are pleased to announce three full scholarships for students attending our convention for the first time as well as four stipends for returning students. Please visit our website for additional information or contact the PCB Office for more details. We also are pleased to announce that we are offering one full time scholarship to a non-student member who has demonstrated active participation within PCB and would be attending for the first time. This scholarship award will be granted based on the recommendation of a PCB or chapter leader on a first-come, first-served basis. The nominated member must have indicated interest in attending the convention and have participated with regular frequency at meetings and PCB activities. Please contact Jule Ann Lieberman for further details at 610-716-1991 or

Start the Campaign!
Think 2016. No, I am not speaking of our national or state elections, or our own leadership elections, but rather a campaign to spread the word about PCB and the member benefits. At your next chapter meeting or at-large call ask each member whether they know another person who would benefit from the great work of PCB. Have that member personally invite this potential member to an in-person meeting or a discussion call. Each member has the power to expand the membership by extending this invite. Remember the old ad, “I told a friend who told a friend etc.”? This word of mouth can multiply your membership.

And what ever happened to so and so? Yes, I am asking you if you have not seen or heard from a member in a while, reach out by phone or email and let them know that PCB members care.

Consider a fall event that draws attention to your chapter or group. Make Blindness Awareness events at schools, senior centers and community organizations such as Lions clubs in your area. Give back to your community, have your craft makers in your membership produce gifts for hospital patients. Those crocheted baby blankets can go home with a new mother with a note saying it was produced with love by a PCB member. Homeless shelters always are in need of socks, gloves and warm hats for persons of all ages, get a campaign started to collect these supplies and note that they were collected by PCB members. This gets noticed and before long you will be contacted not only for thanks but for more information about PCB.

For more ideas on how to spark interest in joining PCB, contact the PCB Membership Committee. Let’s get to work to make this membership drive a winner this year!

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