Membership and Volunteering

By Mary Ann Grignon, Membership Development Leader

Hello out there PCB members. Since October I’ve been reflecting on the wonderful presentations we heard during the PCB conference. As the leader of the Membership Development Team, one in particular remains clear in my mind.

This year Thomas Reid presented a discussion on volunteerism. We heard from members who provided testimony on what it means to each of them to be a volunteer. In fact, I was one of those whom Thomas interviewed.

Who in PCB can say that they haven’t been on either end of volunteerism; both as a recipient of the generosity of volunteers and as a giver of some service or another? I have surely experienced both.

At PCB, volunteering is especially meaningful because we are like family, and what could be better than reaching out to one of our own.

In thinking about volunteering and PCB, it occurs to me that the new registration form can only make it easier for those who want to volunteer to find their niche. I have heard often enough from talented members that they would love to volunteer but don’t know where they would fit in. With the addition of the new data we are trying to gather, we will be much better able to help people who wish to volunteer in PCB to find a place to share their particular skills and talents and to grow in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Likewise, for those seeking the services of a volunteer to provide guidance and support, this same form will help us find peers who can address their needs. Let’s jump in there with both feet and fill out those membership forms so we can become an even stronger peer network.

Remember, if you need assistance completing your form, please don’t hesitate to call either the PCB office or me personally at 570-807-1276.

Our newly created online membership form is now available; allowing you to share your interests and join PCB all in one easy process. Join today!

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