Members Only, June 2014

Wyllene Peirce (Capital City)

On May 24, 2014 we lost a long-time member Wyllene Peirce. She joined the chapter with her husband, Charles. At that time Wyllene was fully sighted. In time she lost vision due to age-related macula degeneration. She attended several PCB conventions, but not recently. She died in Manor Care nursing home on May 24, 2014.


Raymond Bogardus, Sr. (Capital City)

Shockingly, our dear friend, Raymond Bogardus Sr. had a massive stroke on Sunday, June 1st. He died that evening. Ray and his wife, Josie, have a large family. They recently lost one son, Raymond Bogardus, Jr. to an automobile accident. In his years with PCB, Ray served as a President of the Capital City Chapter and helped to organize several Harrisburg conventions.


Please visit for Wyllene and Ray’s obituaries. 

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