Make the Difference: Join a PCB Team!

By Chris Hunsinger


The New Year is approaching, and PCB teams are again looking for new blood, new energies, new ideas, and new accomplishments. PCB cannot survive with the same small group doing most of the work.


Let the team leaders know if you want to stay on a team, leave a team, or join a team.

We should be able to add or remove people from the team and its email lists based on these communications.


We would like the Team rosters to be set before the January team meetings.


You can give your experience or gain experience in an area you are curious about. You may find that you will learn worthwhile skills or be able to teach the rest of your team some valuable skills. You may want to try something new or give PCB some of your experience and or knowledge. Give PCB the benefit of your talent and time. That is why I think being a part of a PCB team is a win-win situation.


For information about the teams and how to contact the team leaders please refer to the PCB Teams and Leaders appendix on page 76 of this edition. Please note that we are looking for a leader for the Conference Program and Planning Team (which meets Second Thursday at 7:00 p.m.). Meanwhile, contact Chris Hunsinger at, 412-881-9328.

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