LVCB Highlights

By Debbie Rozear

One of our newest members, Andrew Doumoth, graduated from Lehigh University with his Masters Degree in Engineering. He has created a prototype of a new device to aid in making people with vision loss more independent. We wish Andrew much success in his future endeavors.
President, Liz Oleksa, has been selected for 2 scholarships, Macungie Woman of the Year and an individual scholarship through the Psychology Department. Liz is working towards achieving her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology at Cedar Crest College.

Each year we have fundraisers in order to help supplement the expenses incurred by our members who attend the PCB conference. Our annual hotdog sale is being held Friday through
Sunday, June 23-25 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at Redner’s Warehouse Market in Whitehall, PA. We have also started selling Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars. It’s been a huge success thus far.
LVCB has been teaming up with some other local organizations, such as the Northampton and Lehigh Puppy Raiser Clubs for the Seeing Eye and Mikayla’s Voice. We have been doing some joint activities such as; decoupage canvas art, an afternoon of bowling, awareness events with local schools and an upcoming Iron Pigs Baseball game on June 26, 2017.
We have purchased really cool pen styluses designed like a white cane to promote LVCB. The tip of the pen is red, the barrel body is white and the clip is black.
They are printed with our chapter name, email address and phone number. We have been using them when partnering with local organizations and at community days, as well as for our members and guest speakers at our meetings.
At our June 17th meeting, we will be having an inspirational humorist, Mary Starshine, giving a presentation of lightening up through laughter. (This was rescheduled from our March meeting due to poor weather.)

LVCB will also be participating in a “How to” Community Day in Allentown, PA on September 20. Former President Debbie Rozear will be giving a demonstration on Braille. She will hand out brochures, white cane pens, and business cards while discussing what LVCB has to offer the community.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to check out our Facebook page, please do so! We are “Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind”. We share a ton of blindness related content, and information of upcoming events and activities that LVCB is holding. We give out occasional prizes as well!! We can be contacted by email or phone at or 484-393-LVCB (5822).

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