LVCB Elects New officers and Reaches Out

By Jeanette Schmoyer

On November 21st LVCB re-elected Debbie Rozear as president of our chapter. Also re-elected were Annette Gozzard as recording secretary and Jameel Memon as treasurer. Newly elected were John Freiss as vice president and Liz Roberts as corresponding secretary. We celebrate our leaders, officers, and others in the chapter who work to make LVCB a vibrant and productive chapter.

On October 23 the Lehigh Valley chapter had the opportunity to participate in a Senior Expo. Joanne Rath, along with her daughter, Katie Snyder, attended the event which was hosted by Ryan E. Mackenzie, state congressman from the 134th Legislative District. On our table we had LVCB brochures, our mission statement, brochures from the local Association for the Blind, some twin vision books for children with braille, print, and pictures, an NLS digital player, and a white cane. We gave away LVCB tee shirts and bags of chips, and there were lots of chocolates on the table. We talked to seniors about LVCB, PCB and ACB. The free chocolate and potato chips helped encourage seniors to visit our table. The event was well attended by seniors who live in the community.

Katie, a student of public health at East Stroudsburg, has been attending LVCB chapter meetings and events as part of her study of a community health non-profit organization. LVCB is one of two non-profit organizations in the community where Katie is spending time participating in activities and events in order to complete a mini practicum. She assisted LVCB on our LVCB bar baking day and brought her two children along who were also big helpers. After completing an internship next semester, Katie will graduate in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in public health.

Our president, Debbie Rozear, submitted an essay to TheReImage essay contest. There were 26 written essays submitted and two audio essays. TheReImage is a new venture of the Content Committee of PCB. Its goal is to reach out to the sighted public with written, audio and pictorial offerings that are designed to change the image of people with vision loss. It is time to change the incorrect stereotype of all blind people sitting around in a rocking chair, unable to do much of anything for themselves. We need to tell and show the reality of most people with vision loss as employed productive citizens who raise children, go to the theater, go shopping, ride buses and trains, and make meals for families and for large holiday gatherings. Whatever sighted people do we can do, except fly a plane and drive a car. (And those may be in the future for us, too.) It takes determination and learning some blindness skills, but there are so many options we have to live a life as full and independent as any other person.

LVCB is looking forward to our holiday lunch on December 12. This and our summer picnic are the two main occasions when our members let their hair down and relax and have fun. We wish for all PCB members a time of peace and joy during the holiday season.

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