LVCB Continues to Make Strides Forward

By Liz Oleksa and Debbie Rozear

Our President, Liz Oleksa has just undergone her second arm surgery. She is recovering at home and doing well. At this writing, she has no use of her left arm, wrist or hand. She had her right arm, wrist and hand operated on in March. The right arm is fully recovered and she’s hoping for the same with the left side. She thought that she would never be able to read Braille because of the lack of sensation in her fingers. As a result of the surgery on the right arm, she has regained some sensation in those fingers and is hopeful about learning to read Braille.

Our Facebook page is now up to 442 likes. There is a contest where the person who is the 500th like is going to receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Find us on Facebook by searching for Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind, like our page, and you may be the winner of the Amazon gift card.

Our June 16 meeting will be our first annual Blind Bowling with Boy Scouts event. We will be having our meeting at Parkway Bowling Lanes from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Following that, we’ll have an exciting bowling event with our local Boy Scouts. The bowling alley has reserved 8 lanes and is opening early for the meeting.

Boy Scouts from local troops will partner with our members to share in laughter, friendship and blindness awareness. The scouts will be earning service hours for their participation, which allows them to advance in rank. We are hoping for this to bring public awareness of the capabilities of people who are blind or visually impaired.

We are proud to announce that Debbie Rozear, Vice President, and member since 2002 has been selected as one of five people to attend the ACB Conference and Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, as part of the JP Morgan Chase Leadership Fellows program. Debbie will be taking sessions while at the convention and plans on bringing back more knowledge about leadership in our great organization.

Wonderful news! We have our first junior member. Logan Oleksa, age 14, is excited and ready to participate and contribute his youthful ideas. His vision is to engage younger people to become potential active members in LVCB.

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