Low-Vision News

By Ed Facemyer, Chair

Hello to all from The Low-Vision Committee.

Let’s take the time to look back on what our committee has done in 2015.
First of all, our committee has continued to collect personal stories from persons living with low vision. Most of the material has come from members of The Pennsylvania Council of the Blind. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new PCB web site: www.TheReImage.net you are missing out on some great personal stories. We encourage all of you to submit your stories to TheReImage team. There are still many sight-loss stories out there waiting to be told.

We still have some work to do on keeping our blog, “Eye 2 Eye” more up to date. Nevertheless there is some good information covering many aspects of low vision there.

We have made it a point to lend our support to H.R. 729, The Medicare Demonstration of Coverage for Low-Vision devices legislation.

We hope the articles we have contributed to The PCB Advocate for this year have been informative and interesting.

Our committee continues to be excited about the booklet “Living with Low Vision,” published by The National Eye Institute. By now, all chapters have received a copy of the booklet to evaluate. Don’t forget, the office still has a limited amount of additional copies you can request while they last. As we pointed out in previous articles, they can be purchased in bulk from The National Eye Institute. We think they are well worth the money. Again the Low-Vision Committee expresses our thanks to Jule Ann Lieberman for providing our committee and PCB with copies of the publication.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, seven members joined us for our low vision call-in teleconference. The discussion on circumstances under which persons with low vision may act as if they can see more than they actually can, proved to be lively and interesting. Many good points were raised. Seven participants and five committee members may not sound like a lot; but the quality of the conference was excellent.

In conclusion I sincerely want to thank Phil Habowski, Diane Krek, Sherri Rodgers, Donna Williams, John Horst and Tony Swartz for their hard work and dedication in making 2015 a successful year for The Low-Vision Committee. Once again, let it be said; THERE’S NO VISION LIKE LOW VISION.

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