Lots of Organizing– You Can Help

By Sherri Crum, Team Leader

The Organizational Development Team has been hard at work tracking down documents etc. All kinds of material: from the Live Auction Process … to the Secret Ballot Specification Document etc. We’re accumulating things from the various work teams, assorted PCB office documents … and information which would be helpful for chapters.

Ultimately the documents we have will be placed on the web site. I still cannot talk about how that will be structured. Suffice it to say, that some documents will be able to be accessed by all, while others may be restricted in some way.

We’re a small team. Our team members are very dedicated, hard-working, knowledgeable individuals. However, they are folks with a lot of other responsibilities and have only so much time.

We could use your help. From our last Organizational Development Team meeting, I share the following list of some things we are looking for:

• Leadership section: to provide support and resources to chapter presidents, board members, people, to find out how to be a leader accessed by anybody
• Sample meeting agendas, Roberts rules, how to run a meeting,
• Sample bylaws, meeting agendas
• Volunteer recruitment information,
• Public relations documents

Do you have any of these types of documents? Do any of these bullet points spark a recollection of something you did a while back which may be similar? Well, please contact me. I know that many of you are active in your communities in various capacities and may have some valuable information to share. Please consider sharing it.

I realize this may seem a bit vague, if you have questions, or would like more information about other types of things we are looking for, please contact me. And, please feel free to send anything that you feel may be relevant, my way: sssmiley77@gmail.com. Thanks.

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