Long Range Update

By Joseph Wassermann, Chair

The Long Range Planning Committee completed its second of two conference call training sessions on April 8. We had at least twenty-four individuals joining us at the beginning of that second call which represented approximately ten chapters. We finished with the last four of the eight qualities/attributes of leaders. For a final review, they are:
• Attitudes of leadership
• Planning and organization
• Understanding documents and procedures of governance
• Goal setting and follow through
• Communications with membership
• Assessing qualities and skills of membership
• Delegating to and development of leaders
• The Chapter’s role in the community / public relations

I thank and appreciate the work of Tony Swartz, Sue Lichtenfels, Al Pietrolungo, George Holliday, and Rodger Simmons.

We are still discussing ways of increasing our connections with and possibly supporting the work of the PAB branches in our chapter areas.

Beginning with the first issue of The PCB Advocate for 2016, there will be no more cassette copies. Because of this decision, the committee is in the process of calling the last twenty-five cassette recipients to urge them to change to the digital cartridges. It is also a good opportunity to inform those people of the library’s services which also make use of that very wonderful machine. So for those of you who are enjoying our newsletter via digital format, do not forget to keep returning those digital cartridges for your next issue. Have a great summer and plan on coming to our October convention.

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