Long-Range Planning

By Joseph Wassermann, Chair

Thanks to Tom Burgunder, Rodger Simmons, George Holliday, Tony Swartz, Al Pietrolungo, John Horst, and Sue Lichtenfels for their participation on the committee. Our main project for the year was the leadership training which we accomplished via conference calls. The content from the training is being compiled into a leadership handbook which will be available in the spring on the PCB website or from the office. It can make for a great refresher for any leader as well as a great starting resource for new leaders. Please make use of it.

We have spent many hours discussing how PCB needs to dialogue with agencies and groups with similar and/or related missions as ours. How do we attract more young people? What’s a realistic funding project for our organization? These and other long range questions will be grappled with by other committees. The Long Range Planning Committee will not exist as such with our new administration. That certainly does not mean that these and other important questions and problems will not find solutions through the work of different work teams and good probing minds.

I hope everyone has peaceful holidays and a good year.

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