Long Range Focus on Leadership Training

By Joseph Wassermann, Chair


As I am writing this column from the “deep freeze” of February, I hope that we are much more comfortable in March. And as you read my comments in mid-March, the Long Range Planning Committee will have already completed the first of its two Leadership training sessions via conference call.


I thank the committee for its diligent work on this project. We decided to focus on eight attributes which seem to be important in people who want to lead. They are not really that “high-powered.”  But they do have to be used frequently, if not continually. The eight are:


  • Attitudes of Leadership
  • Planning and Organization
  • Understanding Documents and Procedures of Governance
  • Goal Setting and Follow Through
  • Communications with Membership
  • Assessing Qualities and Skills of Membership
  • Delegating To and Development of Leaders
  • The Chapter’s Role in the Community/Public Relations.


Again, nothing particularly too new, but often the familiar has to be singled-out and emphasized when some sort of training session needs to be provided. I hope I can report in next quarter’s issue the success that we were able to achieve. I also want to welcome Tom Burgunder as the newest member of our committee.


Do not forget to keep returning those digital cartridges for the next issue of The PCB Advocate.

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