Live Auction: We Need You

By the Fund Development Team

Again at this year’s PCB Conference and Convention, the Fund Development Team and a host of dedicated volunteers will join to present the 2018 PCB Live Auction. The auction is to be held on Friday evening of the conference, October 19th at 8:00 p.m.

Despite all the planning and organization of our team and the dedicated work of our volunteers, the auction’s success depends entirely upon the contributions and participation of you, our membership. The Fund Development Team now asks you, both chapters and individual members, to assist PCB by soliciting businesses, merchants, and organizations in your area; requesting that they contribute an item to our auction. Also, please consider contributing a personal or chapter contribution of an item to this year’s auction as well.

For your use, the 2018 auction item solicitation letter and marketing form may be downloaded for printing from the conference page. When soliciting a contribution, please provide potential donors with the letter and form. Chapters and members, we ask you not to put off soliciting and/or purchasing items, for before you know it the auction will be upon us.

As always, we the members of the Fund Development Team are hoping the 2018 Live Auction will have unique and exciting items to offer our members, but of course that depends upon your generosity and creativity. So now is the time to begin searching for that perfect item. Consider shopping online. Visit and search the blind mice mega mall to find interesting and accessible items. Go to the mall directory to find stores such as: ON THE GO, Blind Book Stop, Ultimate Tech Mods,MiceILA, En-Vision Inc.-Barcode Reader, A Stitch In Time, Safety Tek, J&J Trading, Sundance Baking and Cooking, and Dynamics.

Once you have obtained an auction item, please inform the Fund Development Team by emailing Tony Swartz at: or calling 610-799-4565. Please provide the following information:

  1. The name of the Item.
  2. A brief description of the item.
  3. The value of the item.
  4. The contributor of the item.
  5. Who and how the item will be delivered to the conference.

Early in September, our team will begin posting the 2018 auction item list on our listservs.

But suppose you aren’t planning to attend this year’s conference. No matter, for members will have the opportunity to bid on items by phone. The details for bidding by phone will be posted to the PCB-L listserv during the first days of October. What if you aren’t in the position to contribute, but have a creative suggestion for a unique or particularly accessible auction item? The Fund Development Team will be very glad to hear from you and will pass the idea on to someone or a chapter looking for an item to contribute. Just email or call Tony with your idea, 610-799-4565 or

Now, let’s all work towards and contribute to the 2018 auction to make it the best and most interesting auction we’ve ever held.

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