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By Chris Hunsinger


Don’t you wish that you could just pick up any newspaper and read it without any frustration? It seems like the online sites for newspapers and magazines are often so cluttered that you might have to know what you want to look for before you get there.


I want to talk to you about NFB Newsline. There are some drawbacks to using NFB Newsline, but, for the most part, it eliminates clutter and makes articles quickly accessible.


You might well be asking, “Why would PCB be doing that?” OVR is a state sponsor of NFB Newsline, so it is a service sponsored by our state for all of us.


We at PCB have had such a channel for a long time, but we have not been using it effectively.

We hope to provide some of the information that we send out as emails throughout the month on PCB lists on our PCB Channel at NFB Newsline. This might help people who can’t find that email or those who don’t use email. It will not eliminate the PCB Information Line because we can’t send podcasts or audio from peers to NFB Newsline.


For those of you who don’t already subscribe to NFB Newsline, I want to give you some information.


There are hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and other items of interest available on NFB Newsline. There are job postings, TV Listings, and shopping information as well. Also, it is free. Does that make you curious?


You can keep track of the news from other parts of the country. You can read magazine articles from publications that are not available from NLS or that take longer to get to you from NLS.


If you are not yet signed up for NFB Newsline, you can call them at 866-504-7300 or download and complete the pdf form at

or fill it out online by using this link:

Newsline Self Application (


When I asked at LAMP about what they would do if you wanted to sign up for NFB Newsline, I was told that they wait to get the verification inquiry from NFB for applicants and don’t routinely start the process with a patron.


After NFB verifies that you meet the reading requirements for using NFB Newsline, you will be issued credentials and phone numbers to call to use the service. Often there are local phone numbers which may not cost anything to use, but if there is no free local service, there are national toll-free numbers. I’m sure that you will be given information about tutorials as well.


If you read over a landline phone or using a cell phone as a phone and not with an appropriate app, you get a synthesized voice from NFB Newsline reading your selections.


Once you are signed up or if you already are using NFB Newsline, you get into the NFB Newsline the same way that you always have, but you look in your state channel which is “2” on the menu for the PCB section.


We will try to put our calendars and many of the emails we send out onto this system and leave them there for your reading pleasure for a while. We may also try putting the PCB Advocate on the NFB Newsline as well.


You can read over a landline, on your computer, using a cell phone App, either android or IOS, by downloading to your Victor Stream and other reading devices as well as Notetakers, or by using Alexa.

You can ask NFB Newsline to email particular publications to you, and you can create a favorites list of the publications you routinely use.


This is not a complete picture of NFB Newsline, but you can learn more at

NFB-NEWSLINE® | National Federation of the Blind or by calling 866-504-7300


Happy reading!

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