Lehigh Valley- Deep in the White Stuff

By Jeanette Schmoyer


Well, we complained that we don’t get winters like we used to, and now look: snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, and black ice. So, now we long for daffodils!  Maybe we will be seeing them by the time this is being read.


At our Christmas lunch, we explored Turkish dishes at the Anatolian Kitchen restaurant. From gyros to baklava we had a fun time learning about a new cuisine.


Our members continue to work with Allentown and Bethlehem city officials to get existing Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) repaired, and to get several installed in new locations. We also continue to advocate with LANTA, the local transportation company, for consistent use of bus announcements and with its contracted paratransit company, Easton Coach, for more reliable service. This work is never-ending and we must stay focused to hold the ground we gained through the passage of the ADA twenty-five years ago. It takes all of us — many voices working together — to state the needs, the concerns, and the problems in these systems, if we want to be effective.


LVCB continues to lose some older members and, fortunately, to gain new members. Young blood in our chapters is vital, and it is our responsibility as long-time members to welcome, mentor, and encourage these newer members. Leadership training and social assimilation are important factors for all chapters to consider as new members arrive.


At our February meeting, LVCB voted to sponsor the purchase of the plaques for the Awards Ceremony at the PCB convention in Harrisburg in October.


In March, LVCB will host a program on emergency preparedness during the quarterly luncheon meeting. All attendees will receive a free emergency kit. We all bring a bag lunch and stay an extra hour to eat and fellowship together.


With influence from LVCB leaders, both our local association for the blind and the local CIL have hosted the PMC Pharmacy, explaining their medication management system, which was demonstrated in the Vender Hall at the PCB convention in October. LVCB will host PMC Pharmacy at our meeting on April 18. PMC’s pilot project for blind and low-vision persons has gotten off the ground. A few LVCB members are already participating.


As winter fades and spring enters, we wish all of you a refreshing and inspiring season of the year.

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