Lehigh Valley Chapter Report

By Jeanette Schmoyer

Fifteen LVCB chapter members attended PCB’s Northeast Regional. A number of our members were very interested in the presentation about Non-24 sleep disorder. We all had an opportunity to practice CPR. We also enjoyed dancing while sitting in our chairs; swaying our bodies and moving our hands and arms to the music and the Zumba teacher’s directions.

In another presentation, we heard about good nutrition and proper portions for various parts of a meal. For example, make a fist and that is the proper portion of starch for you. The portion of meat should be the size of your palm. The meat should take up one quarter of your plate, the starch should take up another quarter of your plate, and one half of your plate should be green and yellow vegetables.

It was an excellent Regional event with a professionally presented program and enough humor mixed in to keep it lively. Thank you to our host, the Monroe County Council of the Blind.

In June, our chapter will hold our meeting at the America on Wheels Museum in Allentown. While there, we will have our monthly meeting, take a tour, and enjoy lunch. America On Wheels is a transportation museum packed full of antique vehicles where people can gather to learn and celebrate America’s love affair with automobiles, trucks, and other means of transportation such as bicycles.

LVCB does not meet in July, but we celebrate our chapter with a picnic in August. This is a fun event with good food contributed by our members. We enjoy games and socializing. We will hold a shorter than usual meeting during the picnic to cover the necessary business including encouraging everyone to attend the PCB convention in Harrisburg in October. We hope to see many of you there.

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