Leadership: What about You?

By Sue Lichtenfels, President

Do you have an interest in serving as a leader in PCB? Perhaps you have never really given it much thought. Maybe you are unsure if you have skills as a leader. Perhaps you do not have any experience in a leadership role. If you are looking for some practical leadership experience and are not afraid to stretch yourself, then opportunity is knocking.

I am always looking for new leaders to serve the organization and would like to offer you the opportunity. Surely you have heard the phrase “a born leader”. Well, I do not believe anyone is truly born a leader. Leadership skills are learned, and we grow into leadership roles.

If you are even vaguely interested in leadership, PCB leaders want to talk with you. Let us know of your interest by sending an email to leadership@pcb1.org or call me directly at 412-429-1727. Once I know of your interest, I will have a member of PCB’s Executive Leadership Team give you a call. You can discuss your strengths and experiences, if there are areas of leadership where you feel you may need mentoring, your interest in leadership training, and how much time you’d be able to commit to a leadership role.

Remember that those of us who serve as today’s leaders began with little or no experience. We were helped by and learned from others. What about you?

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