Low Vision Committee

This committee:
• Develops presentations which emphasize adaptation to low vision
• Defines the unique social and physical challenges and differences between blindness and low vision
• explores and publicizes aids, appliances, techniques, and resources for coping with moderate vision loss
• Working with the Membership Committee, assists in the recruitment and retention of members with low vision
• Prepares materials for publication discussing aspects related to low vision

Members of the committee are strongly encouraged to join the Council of Citizens with Low Vision.

The Low Vision Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Chair: Ed Facemyer 610-647-3365 efacem@verizon.net PRC
  Debbie Rozear     Lehigh Valley
  Yvonne Garris     Red Rose
  Edward Hersh     Red Rose
  Jerry Weinger     DVCCLV
  Janice Knuth     PRC
  Stephanae Mccoy     GTCB
  Tony Swartz     Lehigh Valley
Liaison: John Horst     Red Rose