Latest News from the AccessiDocs Project

This year PCB’s AccessiDocs project will offer another free gift of accessibility to PCB members, but more about that in a moment.

Are you interested in obtaining an audio Daisy3 recording of your favorite sports team’s schedule? Perhaps you don’t read braille or have access to your team’s online schedule. If so, AccessiDocs can develop and mail to you a navigable recording of your favorite team’s schedule. For the price of $3.50 which covers the combined cost of a thumb drive and small administrative charge, PCB will send you a thumb drive which can be played on your NLS player or copied to your preferred digital player. As an example, a baseball schedule can be navigated by month within the season at level 1, and by series within the month at level two. Football schedules include all the teams in your favorite team’s division, with each team at level 1 and individual games at level 2. If you would be interested in obtaining a schedule, please contact the PCB office at 877-617-7407 to place your order.

Remember the mission of the PCB AccessiDocs project; if there is a public document, service guide, brochure, or handbook from an agency, government entity, or medical facility which you need to access, the AccessiDocs project can provide you with a navigable accessible audio copy. Please refer the creator of the document to the project by sending an email inquiry to: or have them visit for more information.

Now about that gift: many of you are familiar with BlindAlive, Eyes-Free Fitness, a small business which has created a series of audio programs allowing the listener to stretch, strengthen, condition, and tone the body, all without the benefit of eyesight. Mel Scott, creator of BlindAlive, has graciously permitted PCB’s AccessiDocs project to assemble the entire BlindAlive series of programs into a Daisy3 book for download by the membership of PCB. To download the BlindAlive Daisy3 book, members should visit Look for
the download by mid-May.

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