Just for the Ladies

By Debbie Rozear

Back by popular demand, “Just for the Ladies” is here again. After the PCB Conference and Convention of 2013, there was such great feedback that I was asked to do an entire presentation this year. As you should already know by the promotions for this year’s conference, the theme is “LIFE: Leadership Is for Everyone”. Well, “Just for the Ladies” is following that theme. What does LIFE stand for? Hmmm, Life Is Full of Energy, or Leadership Is Filled with Energy. Whichever one you like will work. Without taking care of yourself, you can’t be a leader.


Come join me and many other women to find out how to take better care of yourself and decrease your stress level. We will discuss ways to do some more self care. Then we are going to get up and become more interactive. There will be time at the end for a question and answer session. Come out and enjoy yourself. There is so much to learn. Men, do you feel slighted? We are an advocacy organization. So, now is the time to start advocating for a “Just for the Men” for the 2015 convention. Go, ladies!


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