It’s Time to Write Those Resolutions!

By Carla Hayes, Chair

When most people think of resolutions, they think of New Year’s. In PCB, resolutions can be written any time of the year, but if you would like your resolution to be considered at the PCB Conference and Convention this year, it’s not too early to start working on it. This year’s deadline for submission of resolutions is September 1, 2014. RESOLUTIONS SUBMITTED AFTER THIS DATE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!


Many people are intimidated when they even think about writing a resolution, but the format is really quite simple. Basically, a resolution has two types of clauses. The first part of the resolution consists of one or more clauses that begin with the word, “Whereas.” These clauses present existing conditions that you would like to see changed and/or problems that need to be resolved. The final part of the resolution consists of Resolved clauses which state the solutions to the problem stated in the Whereas clauses and actions that should be taken. The first of these clauses will begin with the words, “NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED.” Subsequent Resolved clauses should begin with the words, “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED.” If appropriate, the last Resolved clause may state to whom copies of the resolution should be sent. Each clause should be written as a paragraph.


Here are a few additional points to keep in mind. Limit your resolution to only one topic or issue, and be careful not to stray from it. Clauses should be as clear and concise as possible. This will make your resolution easier to understand and much more powerful. Be specific about what you would like PCB to do in order to resolve the issue. Keeping these points in mind will make your resolution stronger, and it will be more likely that it will pass.


Are you still intimidated by the prospect of writing a resolution? If so, please feel free to call on the Resolutions Committee for assistance. Please call me at 724-941-8184.


Resolutions should be submitted to me via email at or in hard-copy braille or print to: Carla Hayes, 230 Robinhood Lane, McMurray, PA 15317. All resolutions must be received no later than the September 1 deadline. Please include your name, telephone number, and email address so that the Resolutions Committee can contact you with questions. Also, be prepared to present your resolution to the Resolutions Committee on a designated conference call and to answer questions about it if it is presented on the convention floor.

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