By Carla Hayes

Welcome to the new Education and Employment Committee Blog. We decided to name our blog, “Learn And Earn” for the simple reason that the more you learn, the more potential you will have to earn.

In order to become gainfully employed earners, people who are blind or visually impaired must be effective learners. Learning must take place in three domains: (1) Professional development. This can include degrees from colleges, universities and trade schools, training to perform specific work, skill in the use of online learning resources and social networking, and development of useful job search strategies and job readiness skills. (2) Blindness Skills. In order to be successfully employed, a person who is blind or visually impaired must be independent. This means obtaining the necessary orientation and mobility skills, literacy in braille or large print, independent living skills, and access technology training to move around freely, take care of personal needs and perform work effectively. (3) Personal Skills. Some of these skills include the ability to work with others and alone, knowing your talents, strengts and weaknesses, having realistic goals and expectations, the ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing, and knowing how to handle stress and adapt to change.

Our “Learn And Earn” blog will contain information and articles about these and other topics pertaining to education and employment. You are also welcome to contribute content. After all, this is your blog, too. We hope that you will find the information presented here useful, informative and educational and that our blog will even help you to “learn and earn.”

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