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Appliances discussed in this article are the Hot Shot, the Big & Bold Low Vision Timer, Talking Timer, Liquid Level Indicator, and Crock-Pot.


Sunbeam Hot Shot water dispenser. For fast fixing while making. Tea, hot cocoa, instant oatmeal, soups and more. This hot water dispenser heats up to 16 ounces of hot water quicker than a microwave and without any mess. Water dispenses right into your cup or bowl. Compact size is ideal for office, dorms, and small kitchens. It has an auto-shut-off safety feature and convenient cord storage. Just open the lid, fill your favorite cup with cold water and pour it into the reservoir. Close the lid and plug in the Hot Shot. Press the button located at the top rear of the hot shot. When the water comes to a boil, you will hear a click and the heating stops automatically. Just above the top of the cup you will feel a lip-shaped button. Press it and hold it down until all the hot water drains into the cup. The amount of cold water you put into the cup is the same amount of boiled water you will get back. No spills, no mess. Available at Amazon for $22.18. Most likely Maxi-Aids has this item as well. Call 800-522-6294.


The Big and Bold Low Vision Timer. This device comes in black with white numbers or white with black numbers. It sells for $14.75 from Maxi-Aids. Regular price $19.95. Perfect for cooking, exercising, etc. Easy for people with arthritis to use. No batteries needed. It can time for one hour. For the longest ring, wind it all the way to one hour, and then turn it back to the desired time. Numerals are also able to be felt. That will provide the longest ring time.


Talking Timer. This is sold by Maxi-Aids. Item number 703270. This timer uses two AAA batteries, located behind a door in the back of the timer under the magnet. You can stand the timer up somewhere or attach it to a metal surface. When facing the timer, you will feel four buttons. Going from left to right they are hour set, minute set, time remaining, and timer on or off. During the last ten seconds of the time, it sounds off like a count-down for the space program: 10, 9, 8 etc. Then it announces in a loud, annoying voice “time is up.” It says that for an entire minute and then stops talking, but you can shut it up with a press of a button.


Another great kitchen appliance is the Liquid Level Indicator. This device runs on batteries. It has a small wand that fits on the top of the cup and, as you pour liquid, you get a squeaky alert to tell you to stop pouring. These are also available from Maxi-Aids.


Our last kitchen appliance is not that small but is able to make very yummy food. This is a Crock-Pot. You can buy one from Wal-Mart. These days it is hard to find one that has a knob that can be clicked to the desired setting. Many Crock-Pots now have a menu and flat panel. You could mark it with bump dots and memorize the menu and it would work for you but try and find one with the knob that clicks instead. On this Crock-Pot all the way to the left as you face the Crock-Pot is off. One click to the right is warm. The second click to the right is low. This means food will take between six to eight hours to cook. The last click to the right is high. This means food will take three to six hours to cook. Maxi-Aids does sell Crock-Pots with knobs. Also, a great thing about a Crock-Pot is that the crock can be removed from the outside metal heating element so you can wash the crock.

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