Greetings from the Low-Vision Committee

By Ed Facemyer, Chair

Since this will be our last message in The PCB Advocate for 2015, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage any member of PCB, whether chapter affiliated or at-large, to join in the work of the Low-Vision Committee. Here’s what our team is all about:

We are champions for the rights of persons with low vision! We reach out to individuals coping with the unpredictability of vision impairment, while facing the societal demands of full disclosure. We provide resources, advocacy and support to citizens with low vision throughout Pennsylvania, as well as to their friends and family members. To our friends with low vision, your unique needs are our concern; your questions direct our focused commitment to facilitate dialogue around low vision issues, bringing them to the forefront of other consumer-based organizations, rehabilitative/vocational services, and governmental agencies at all levels, while representing your voice, for equal access and participation. “We Live Between Two Worlds.” Join us as we advocate for a future that celebrates our differences, in a world of possibilities!

As you will recall, we announced in the previous issue of this newsletter that we are working on holding a low vision discussion call on November 3rd, from 8-9 p.m. This teleconference will be of interest to all PCB members as well as anyone you would like to have join us. Our over-arching topic for the evening will be: The temptation some of us with low vision face to act as if we can see better than we actually do. Come join the dialogue! At the designated time and date, call 712-432-0800 and when prompted, enter pass code 200723#. Then, just wait for others to join the call. If you do not have an unlimited long-distance calling plan, arrange for someone who does to bring you into the call using three-way calling. You can also find information about the discussion call on the low-vision blog page, which we call “Eye 2 Eye.” Just direct your browser to Click on the heading “TOPICS AND EVENTS” at the top of the page and then select our blog. Spread the word!

For over two years, our Committee has been on a mission to find a brochure that has what, in our opinion, provides a comprehensive overview of what low-vision is and what persons who have little knowledge about this disability need to know. Thanks to Jule Ann Lieberman, Program Coordinator at Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology and member of PCB, We can now say “Mission accomplished.” This 20-page booklet with accompanying DVD is called, “LIVING WITH LOW VISION, What You Should Know.” It is published by The National Eye Institute, National Institute of Health. They can be purchased in bundles of 25 for only $10. We believe they are well worth the price as an effective tool for educating the general public about low vision. For more information, visit or call 301-496-5248. The information about low vision is well written and the inclusion of fascinating stories about four persons with low vision, adds a human element that all the brochures we have evaluated do not have.

Don’t forget to join us on Tuesday, November 3rd. We guarantee the conversation will be OUT OF SIGHT, BABY! Please contact me directly with comments or questions by emailing or by calling 610-647-3365. Our committee members include Phil Habowski, Diane Krek, Sherri Rodgers, Donna Williams, and John Horst.

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