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About the PCB Governmental Affairs Page:

This page contains links to articles about Governmental Issues posted by the PCB Government Affairs Committee.
There are also links to other sites where you can find members of your government, elected official's biographies, contact means and voting records. You can find out what's currently being discussed and voted on. What issues seem to have the most interest, and what other topics these issues have raised.

Talking Advocacy & Government (TAG):


Episode 1 - HR4040:Cogswell Macy Act - An Interview with American Foundation for the Blind's Mark Richert.


Episode 3 - The Holiday Edition; "It's A Wonderful Life, with Advocacy!

Episode 2 - A Creative Look at Why We Advocate *Censored*.

Episode 1 - Transportation Challenges for People with Vision Loss.

The Bureau of Public Transportation maintains a listing of available public transportation services by county.
To access your county visit the link below. Under the second heading on the page are multiple lists of counties in alphabetical order.
If using a screen reader, open a list of available page links and find your county.
The resulting page will list links describing available programs followed by contact information for the transit organization.
Bureau of PublicTransportation Services and Programs Map


Episode 4 - The year in review.

Episode 3 - Developing Chapter Advocacy Leadership.

Episode 2 - Election Year: The Power of the Vote.


Voter Registration and more... Accessible Candidate Information Go to: Project Vote Smart's Vote Easy tool . It allows you to answer some simple questions and compares them to the candidates in your state. Alternatively, you can call 1-877-VOTESPA (1-877-868-3772). Episode 1 Building Relationships with Political Representatives.

Extra Materials:

Letter to PA Senate.

PA Senate Contact List.


TAG for May/June - Education.

TAG for April -Self Advocacy.

TAG for March - ACB's Legislative Seminar.

TAG for February - APS(Part 2).

TAG for December - APS(part 1).

TAG for November - Panel Discussion on Advocacy from the 2010 PCB Convention.

TAG for October - Voting.

TAG for September - Transportation.

Listen to the [discussion about] HR 3101: the Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals Information

28 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 35.151

Advocacy Participation Survey.

PCB Whitepaper - Beyond Accessible Voting.

Example of Letter to Election Bureaus on Accessible Voting.

Advocacy with Federal Legislators.

How to address correspondence to Government leaders.

Government Agency links:

Contact senators, U.S. Representatives, State Governors and State Legislators Nation-wide.
Contact Congressional members.
Group calls for action.
House of Representatives.
Pennsylvania's Governmental web site.
Find information on bills before the Senate and Senate committees in Pennsylvania.
Locate Legislators and Bills in Pennsylvania.

Helpful Links to improve Advocacy:

Social Security accessible format material.
PA. Department Of Labor's Links to Resources on Blindness and Low Vision
PA. Department of Labor's General Disability Resources page.
Public records via the Right to Know act in Pennsylvania.
The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.
The leadership of the 104th Congress directed the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to the public. Since that time, THOMAS has expanded the scope of its offerings to include more features and content on; Bills, Resolutions. Activity in Congress. Congressional Record. Schedules, Calendars. Committee Information. Presidential Nominations. Treaties. Government Resources. For Teachers. The following link contains more details: Thomas Library of Congress Page
To contact the Governmental Affairs Chairperson, george.holliday1@verizon.net


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the PCB is not allowed to advocate for any specific political cause or political candidate.
However, we can offer these resources for your personal use when you have something to communicate or to research.

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